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At Great Lakes Eye Care our mission is to preserve and restore eye care in our community and around the world.

With four convenient office location we offer patients the highest quality medical treatments within an atmosphere of personalized care.d restore eye care in our community and around the world.


Many know Dr. Wang as a specialist in the treatment of ophthalmic disease. But did you know Dr. Wang has an eye for the creative arts, as well? He’s a published author, with additional skills as a songwriter, playwright, and photographer. If you’re in for a visit, a sampling of Dr. Wang’s photography portfolio can be seen in each of his exam rooms. He’s composed a number of worship songs, and his latest play, “The King’s Table,” was performed in December of 2018, at the Overflow Church in Benton Harbor.

As a youth, Dr. Wang’s life was transformed by stories. Stories of hope, of an epic life. Stories of redeeming love. Dr. Wang’s young adult science fiction novel, “Mindblades,” explores these themes in detail. This futuristic story centers around a young man who discovers a new universe, residing in his head. For further details, please check out

Dr. Wang’s novel is currently in review with a New York editor, and he’ll likely be seeking literary representation in the coming year.

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