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Contact Lenses

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People decide to wear contact lenses for a multitude of reasons. 

For those who prefer the way they look without glasses, or find glasses to be awkward or cumbersome, contacts can provide convenience and comfort.  And for those that have secretly always wanted a different eye color, contacts offer a rainbow of options from the subtle to outrageous.

With the many new and exciting developments in contact lenses, it is no surprise that 31 million Americans are currently wearing some type of contact lens.

How do I know if I can wear contact lenses?

The number of contact lens options is too numerous to list, and there is a lens available to meet most any prescription or medical requirement.  However, a contact lens fitting examination is required of all patients desiring to wear contacts.

Your glasses prescription and your contact lens prescription are not the same.

Why do you require a yearly contact lens check?

The primary reason is to monitor the health of your eye.  Unlike glasses that sit harmlessly on your nose, contact lenses are coming in direct contact with the surface of your eye.  The unfortunate fact is that some patients are noncompliant in their lens wear or cleaning regimen, which can lead to serious eye problems.

It is important to remember to:

  1. Always wash and rinse your hands before handling your lenses.
  2. Never use saliva on your lenses.
  3. Never use non-sterile saline, distilled water, or tap water for any part of your lens care.
  4. Never wear lenses longer than prescribed.
  5. Do not wear daily lenses while sleeping.
  6. Know your solution.  Solutions cannot always be mixed.  Not all solutions can be used on all types of contact lenses.
  7. Clean, rinse, and air dry your lens case each time the lenses are removed.  Contact lens cases can be a source of bacterial growth.
  8. NEVER swap contact lenses with another person.
  9. If your eyes become red or irritated, remove the lenses immediately and consult your doctor.  Don't try to brave the irritation.

If I have dry eyes, can I still wear contact lenses?

Yes!  Many recent advances in contact lens design and materials have made it possible for patients that were previously unable to wear contacts to get them.  Several lenses offer a higher rate of oxygen permeability as well as higher water contact, making them more comfortable to dry eyes. 

Can children wear contact lenses?

While there are many children that wear contact lenses for vision as well as medical reasons, some just aren't ready for the responsibility that comes with contact lens wear.  Is your child prepared for the daily cleaning regimen and the insertion and removal process?  Is your child able to touch their eye without "wincing" or "squeezing" their eyelids?  These are questions you want to ask when considering contact lens wear. 

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