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At Great Lakes Eye Care our mission is to preserve and restore eye care in our community and around the world.

With four convenient office location we offer patients the highest quality medical treatments within an atmosphere of personalized care.d restore eye care in our community and around the world.

Eye Examinations

BOYEXAMRESIZEDA complete eye examination is necessary to discover the condition and health of the eye and visual system.  A complete eye exam starts with a complete health history and medication review, as health conditions can affect your visual system.  This portion of your testing will be started by our certified ophthalmic technicians.

The parts of an eye examination include recording the visual acuity with an eye chart and often a refraction using a phoropter (a special instrument that has multiple lenses inside for ease of quickly comparing them.)   
Other parts of the eye exam include checking the pupil reflex, ocular motility (eye movements) and visual field.  Evaluation of the eyelid and the structures of the front of the eye are evaluated at the slit lamp, which is a microscope mounted on a table to evaulate the eye with magnification. 

Looking at the back of the eye with an ophthalmoscope or special lenses is also an important part of the exam.  Viewing the fundus of the eye allows assessing the health of the optic nerve, macula, ophthalmic vessels and the peripheral retina.