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At Great Lakes Eye Care our mission is to preserve and restore eye care in our community and around the world.

With four convenient office location we offer patients the highest quality medical treatments within an atmosphere of personalized care.d restore eye care in our community and around the world.

Corneal Surgery

Dr. Michael Seward is one of the very few doctors in the state who performs the modern version of corneal transplant surgery called "DMEK."  In this very specialized surgery for select patients, instead of removing and replacing the entire cornea, only the inside layer of the cornea is replaced.  This technique can be done with minimal or no sutures.  This can result in very rapid healing and return of functional vision in the majority of patients.  The standard corneal transplant, while still necessary in some diseases of the cornea, takes many sutures and also often up to a year to heal for the best vision.

This surgery can often be done in less than 20 minutes.  If you have a corneal disease that is limiting your vision, please inquire if you might be a candidate for DMEK.

Superficial Keratectomy